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First there was the original X game, then there was Iwamoto's first manga, then Maverick Hunter X, now a new retelling of the first X game comes to a brighter light in the form of Rockman X The Novel: Irregulars Report.

Written by Tsubasa Todoroki and illustrated by Rockman X manga artist Yoshiro Iwamoto, this novelization is scheduled to be released in Japan on the 26th of January, and published by PHP Institute. 

I'm pretty interested to see what kind of changes will inevitably be made, as Iwamoto implied implied in his twitter that there's supposed to be a twist in the story. Also can't wait to see how much Iwamoto's art evolved in the years.
Chronos-X Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I hope the novel gets a good English translation!  Japan has an annoying tendency of keeping its coolest creations to itself.  I also hope Capcom doesn't do anything to ruin this...
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